Our mission is to train millions of future scientists, equipping them with more knowledge and confidence.

behind Openlab

Our Team

Alberto Zavattoni

CPO & Co-Founder

Alberto takes care of the scientific content of the product, as well as the product management, making sure Openlab fits the needs of both students and the university's science program. He is a Biotechnologist, recognized (R2) senior researcher, and an IVD developer, currently working in a diagnostic lab in Switzerland. Originally from Varese, Italy, Alberto is a graduate of Biology at University of Insubria.

Pierlorenzo Peruzzo

CTO & Co-Founder

Pier takes care of the company's technical development. He makes sure that the hardware chosen and the software built adapt to the rapid-changing VR industry. He started as a self-taught programmer at age 13, and has since been devoted to the tech startup world. Currently based in Los Angeles, California and originally from Varese, Italy, Pier is committed to revolutionizing education with technology around the world.

Simone Zamparini

CEO & Co-Founder

Simone focuses on sales and traction, he keeps an eye on evolving and new markets, customer discovery, and oversees operations. He is originally from Varese, Italy, but is currently based in Los Angeles. Simone has a BS in Mathematics of Computation at UCLA, and more than 4 years of experience in VR development.

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