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Better Saftey.

Prepare your students with virtual labs that actually work. Improve students' confidence before entering the real lab with immersive hands-on virtual experiences.

How it works

A fully equipped Lab

With Openlab, your students can learn laboratory protocols while playing with Virtual Reality. Anywhere, at any time. Access our biology and chemistry lab experiences, and build your own curriculum. Engage your students through immersion and reduce the gap between practice and theory.


Learn science.

Learn science in a fun and safe environment, interacting with virtual pipettes, test tubes, and much more.


Experience immersion.

Visualize the world down to the molecular level to understand difficult protocols and techniques.


Practice your skills.

Get tested on each step you perform inside the virtual lab, and track progress instantly.

01.Learn science.

Openlab highlights the connections between science and the real world. Thanks to our virtual lab, you can teach students key scientific concepts and techniques tightly related to real-life applications.

From simple test tubes to advanced machines, your students can virtually interact with realistic lab equipment.

Student using a VR headset with Openlab

02.Experience immersion.

Imagine if you could shrink down to the size of a molecule to understand its structure and properties. With Openlab, your students can do that! Get immersed in a test tube during a reaction, interact with the structure of DNA, and discover the microscopic world.

Scientific studies proved that virtual reality immersion engages students and improves learning outcomes.

03.Practice your skills.

Openlab provides a place where students can practice and repeat real-life protocols without any threats. Once in a real lab, your students will be less likely to cause costly and dangerous mistakes. While using Openlab, learners get tested with interactive quizzes at each step they perform.

You can track your students' progress instantly through our web dashboard.

Data and testimonials

Our students and our professors


High student satisfaction

95% of students using Openlab, would recommend the software to a fellow student.


An important step before the real lab

82% of students using OpenLab think our software helps them prepare for the actual lab.


Better understanding

86% of students using Openlab find the software useful to better understand both the theory and the practical side of a lab protocol.


Increase confidence

After just performing a single virtual protocol in Openlab, 6/10 students are confident in explaining the protocol to another student.

Our students and faculty are thrilled about Openlab! The best part was interacting with the molecules during each module. Using the VR headsets was very easy, and we found Openlab to be a very intuitive software for our students.

annalisa grimaldi
Annalisa Grimaldi, PhD
University of Insubria


Frequently asked questions

I teach a specific protocol or technique. Can I implement it in Openlab?

Yes! We love to work with professors to develop virtual labs that are as similar as possible to the experiments they teach in their courses. Just provide us with a document and/or a video describing the experiment, and you will have your experience in OpenLab in no time.

What equipment do I need to use Openlab?

We currently support Oculus Quest 2, a standalone VR headset that works with Hand Tracking technology. We can provide you with VR headsets that are ready to use, or we can help you setup your Oculus Quest 2 headsets. No need for expensive computers, tangled cables, or controllers. In Openlab, students will interact with the virtual world using their hands.

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Founder's note

Hi, I'm Alberto

Those intimately involved with education generally agree that “experience is the best teacher”. Unfortunately, the sad reality of the educational process is that students are rarely given opportunities to directly perform hands-on experiences.

Geographical and financial issues are very often the main barriers that prevent students from becoming scientists. When they finally get to enter a real lab, students are exposed to a delicate and dangerous environment. Working with chemicals or genomics can be overwhelming.

That's why we created Openlab: to democratize education!

With Openlab, students can have hands-on experience in our fully-equipped virtual lab before performing any physical experiments in the real one. They can practice experimental techniques, learn good manufacturing practices, and interact with the organelle of a cell in a safe environment that feels real.

Alberto Zavattoni

Co-founder @ Openlab

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